Aquarius - Polyphonic Synth

Thanks! Nice to hear. :smile:

just wanted to share tiny little thing made with this patch as it really seems to shine with rapid 4 voice sequence.


Big fan of this patch, love the balance of simplicity and control. Thanks for sharing!

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Hi, this patch is awesome, thanks!
Is there a way, on the Organelle, to record settings and found them back the next time we ll open the patch? I tried the “save” and “save new” but it didn’t work.
Any others ideas?
Thanks again (OvO)!

As far as I know, “Save” and “Save New” writes a new knobs.txt file in to the patch folder (somebody correct me if I’m wrong). The problem with this patch is that this doesn’t rely on that knobs.txt file for settings (additionally it uses two sets of values). So theoretically I would have to build my own save/load function into the patch. I was thinking about doing this with my Supersynthengine-patch (the spiritual successor to this patch), but I fear this could result in a shit ton of work… so not sure when I will find time to do this.

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It will probably still require quite a bit of work, but you could try to reimplement the menu using KontrolModule. This will allow users to add new presets and edit existing ones. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for your quick answer Callmesam.
I read the same informations about “save” and “save new”.
So I understand now that a patch with multi pages can’t be saved.

I’m too much a rookie in programmation to do anything else that waiting for your new patch version, if you can do it one day. With all my support and courage to you :wink: :+1:
Thanks again

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Thanks fwwwn for your recommandation but I think if I do that I will probably doing bad things and convert my organelle in a paperweight :wink:

No, I meant @callmesam could convert their patch if they wanted too. Didn’t expect you to do it! :slight_smile: