Wishlist / New ideas for patches

Worth adding a thread for this as I think someone mentioned it before. Anyone got a wish list or idea for an Organelle patch in case someone else wants to take up the challenge to make it?

I started I new topic but should have just posted here saw this after :slight_smile: I really want to make a patch that plays .wavs chromatically and has a bank of selectable .wavs!

Also interested in learning a way to have patches incorporate some form of pattern memory etc… like saving and chaining different patterns in pow wows polybeats etc…

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Ultimate (Guitar) Looper/Solo Jamming Tool Patch

I’m slowly trying to learn Pd, but the first patch I want to make would replace my Boss RC-3 looper pedal (and would add more features).

If possible, the dream is a 4 track looper and synth/sampler/drum machine patch with assignable effects.

1st page is just for recording loops and adjusting volumes with the 4 knobs. I was hoping there was a way to be able to select the the track you want to record onto by just slightly moving a volume knob (the last volume knob moved would be the one you are going to record/overdub on). Aux button (pedal) triggers record/overdub, but how could I change to the next page? Is there a way where a quick tap would mean record, and a short hold could be change page, 3 quick taps could be stop playback, etc.? Or would I have to sacrifice one of the note keys as a page change button? Emulating existing looper pedal switch functionality would be ideal.

I would also want the keyboard to play something so I can overdub that in as well (whose synth’s/sample parameters can be changed in another page, and you could even select a drum machine type thing for the keyboard as well).

I’m still thinking what would be the most convenient and funnest things to have on the other pages, but I was considering reverb, delay, and maybe a loop reverse. These effects and settings would be assigned to each track independently.

Any guitar players out there that would like this?? Do you guys have any ideas??This would be a looper pedal KILLER! It could have additional/better features than the best loopers out there. I could be extremely wrong, but this sounds relatively easy to do if you are well versed in Pd. If anyone is interested in this and would like to start working on it, please let me know so I can help and be involved in any useful way possible.


Jamaican soundsystem-style Dub Siren with delay.

All it would be is an oscillator with selectable waveforms (SAW, TRI, SQUARE, SINE), an LFO (with selectable waveforms) routed to pitch and with adjustable intensity, and a simple delay with feedback and time settings. External audio should also pass through the delay effect. Perhaps a secondary page could change the keyboard so that each key plays different classic dub/reggae samples so you can run them through the delay.

This video shows the variety of sounds and FX you can get: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqrSy7aOtCU

I have to second the idea for a four track looper! with a some effects and loop controls for each loop, maybe four pages one for each loop? I think Critter n Guitari’s current sampler patch/looper could be reworked to accommodate this idea…

Also on my wishlist/going to try:

If the foot pedal input can be used as a switch, could it be possible to interface maybe a simple circuit that could be a “switch” being turned off and on with an analog signal, then program a patch that derives its midi clock from the frequency of the analog signal? Thinking it could be a way to interface some organelle patches with my korg kr 55 drum machine (has a trigger output)

I am really sure this is possible but not totally…for example the four track looper could be syncronized with an external clock signal from a volca or something!

Can you build a circuit from a schematic?

I could put together a circuit that does that, if you want to try to build it.

In terms of getting the tempo from the trigger output: do you know what’s the tick resolution of your drum machine? The C&G patches that sync to midi clock are already syncing to 24 ticks, so that part of the patch could be adapted to listen to the aux switch instead of midi and count the correct number of ticks.

It seems likely to succeed, but there are always challenges with getting things to sync properly.


More patches that are guitar fx loop friendly ie pass through sound even when they are affecting the sound…
A sampler that could take any format of audio files
More truly polyphonic synths
Shutdown that turned off the power without having to unplug the hardware
A soundfont (sfz) instrument - so many great free soundfonts out there
A drop synth with more options - wave forms, adsr, etc.
More drum patches
Some synths with delay and distortion

Hey yes I can build any circuit from a schematic no problem! You want to design the circuit in eagle or something then send it my way or you want me to design the circuit? Either way I can proto-board it and/or knock out a quick pcb design for some testing! I imagine it could be a very simple little circuit that has a buffer and a little transistor switch or ic switch? I know nothing about the resistances/tolerances of the organelle stompbox input, I am looking forward to getting mine in mail so I can do some investigations!

As far as clock resolution the standard seems to be 24 pulses per quarter note so I think sticking to that seems to be the best plan of action, although some stuff is sending 48 ppqn but I have usualy found ways of working around it. Often with a clock divider/multiplier in eurorack format to help all my stuff stay locked together.

I think one thing that can be tricky in timing is if the unit in question is being clocked from the rising or falling edge of the pulse. For example: my korg kr 55 is triggered when the pulse goes low, so when I use it to clock roland or other stuff (usually tiggered or clocked on high signal) it can sometimes be weird, but honestly it can be used in really cool ways!

I think getting this working could be really cool especially as a way to manipulate an analog clock in interesting ways and spit it out as a midi signal!

Wavetable synth!!!


There’s quite a few examples of Wavetable synths done in Pure Data which shouldn’t be too hard to get up and running.

I’m either looking at this or a drum sample set synth for next project. So if anyone is doing either let me know and I’ll do the other!

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I would love a looper that works like a Tyme Safari or PhonGene… Variable pitch knob, reverse, variable start/end points and overdub… Add a filter and it would be amazing! Also to be able to monitor while sampling…

There are a couple of patches that are super close but are missing some features…


a four track “tape loop” machine. 4 (or more with aux) .wav files (10-20 seconds for example but point is they can each be whatever length you want, they aren’t dependent upon eachother and will loop separately) are loaded to each knob respectively. The knobs would run from negative whatever through to its positive match controlling playback direction and pitch. Turn knob1 to the left and .wav1 “tape loop” begins to play in reverse at an increasing rate until you’ve reached maximum reverse. Turn knob1 forward and .wav1 “tape loop” beings to increase forward the same way. .wavs would loop Once they reached their end (forward or reverse). Knobs could even also simulatenously be a preset effect wet/dry such as reverb or phaser algorithms. The Keyboard would add another pitch relative to whatever pitch knobs currently are but to the whole output…or keyboard could be differing delay steps and effects so you can play keys along with knob loops


A simple one song at a time stereo input .wav DAW with the ability to overdub additional
Tracks or overdub (and live record) mastering effects such as compression, Eq, reverb, etc (effects controlled by knobs - 1 effect algorithm per knob), as well as save the new edited .wav file directly to organelle. Point is though the patch would need to be able to recognize different storage devices and send processed .wav song to said device ( in my case an octatrack ). Organelle would need to recognize and display octatrack sample folder and allow me to transfer over USB the .wav back to octatrack. I would want to record one-shot backing tracks using organelle instead of computer As well as whole songs without having to use computer to transfer back to octatrack or to master and ready for bandcamp.


Using two or more organelles- a patch that loads the same sequence to as many organelles as are involved. By USB connecting all organelles together, knobs would control different randomizing effects of the other organelles ouputs/sequence. So a band
Of three or eight or whatever could do a jam on the same sequence but be in a constant state of “confusion” because the knobs are controlling preset randomized effects of everyone else’s organelle output except your own. Keys could be a sample player or a synth or even add effects to your own organelle?


Also started a new topic…but swarmatrons y’all? how does that poll?


I’d love a Harpsichord patccccchhhhhhhhuuuu


Kaleidoloop patch!

I’d also like to see a patch like the simple sampler but where the keys toggle on and off looping.

Hey Zach. I just posted my first draft of a swarmatron patch here: Swarmatron patch?

Let me know what you think.


Hey I just moved into a new house and didn’t have wifi for a month but it’s awesome I also checked out the updates you’ve done thank you so much!!

Is there a way to use a guitar as a controller for the mellowtron patch?

i’m hoping to port some sort of wah (inspired by metasonix f2 and the auto wah in sp404s)
an extended form of mtl.asm ct5’s mode 3 is a goal but i think some of the existing loopers overlap so i’ll test those first

reading up and listening to carefully to discern what makes these work

if anybody has already done something similar in pd
let me know