AUX button configuration for Patches

as many of you already know, we can use the AUX button to access secondary commands of some Patches, such as: specify play, rec, overdub, latch; or scroll the stored sequences with the organelle with the maple keys. However, I have jsut noted a strange issue.

Basically, if I use the patches which are by default on the micro SD card of my organelle, say ‘Additive synth’, everything is fine.
But, if I download ‘Additive synth’ from here’ and I use it e.g. from a USB pen, these second features of the AUX button disappear, e.g. I cannot scroll anymore stored sequences etc.

Can anyone help me in understanding where is the problem here?


Thanks for pointing this out. The link you included above has an older version of the patch. The best thing to do right now is download all patches and then copy the one(s) you need. This link has the most current versions:

There’s also a download ‘all’ link on the Patch page

it works, though this is a little bit counterintuitive.