I’m at a loss - Aux Menu Question

Hi. New user here. I can’t get any of the Sampler patches to record. All the videos make it seem easy. I press the AUX button but no recording happens. I must be missing something. It doesn’t work on a formatted thumbdrive either. Thanks for any help.

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BTW, I have the Organelle M and I’m trying to use the built in mic.

What patch are you using? A lot of the patches were updated with a multi function AUX button, so when you press AUX a menu pops up… does this seem to be happening?

Yes. If I hold it a menu appears. I’ve tried enabling each option and it doesn’t work. I’m missing something

Hi - did you set the audio input switch to the mic (option with 6 circles) on back panel?

Your mentioning of the AUX menu got me experimenting with the Black keys and I got it working. Thanks so much for the help!!