Connecting to a monitor already in use

Hi all,
Just taken possession of the Eyesy and am using it on a spare monitor. Is there a way that I can connect it to a monitor that is already in use by my Mac via hdmi for a separate connection? Aiming to record my screen to be used on my YT channel…not sure that I can have the E running on the same monitor that is doing my regular computing. Thank you all

This does not sound possible because your computer’s HDMI port is not an input.

If you want to record the EYESY imagery, please see Chapter 6.2 of manual

I bought this thing on amazon:

I run HDMI out one port into my mess and then out of the mess back in with this thing. I record it with Syphon Recorder. (and sometimes Quicktime)

works like a charm.

How is the quality using this?

I am debating if I should invest money in buying a more expensive capture card. More money more quality, you know?

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it’s good enough for my purposes!

I’d say it’s darn spiffy

Look a tad convoluted, but that’s what I’m after doing, only with Win 10 or Win 7 if possible. So, I’ll need a capture card and video editing software, but not necessarily another monitor screen. Any recommendations for the video software. I want to sync the E to my music projects to promote some interest on youtube. Thanks