Basic questions about Organelle as a Raspbian computer

Sorry for the dumb questions, I’m completely new to Organelle. I’ve searched around the web and this forum but I couldn’t find clear information to answer myself my questions.

  • Can Organelle be used as a normal Rasberry Pi with Raspian? I.e. can I access its shell and install / build additional softwares?
  • If yes, I suppose I can use it to execute my own applications. In particular it’s a Go based websocket server of myself that bridges a browser app with OSC target servers.
  • Can the USB port be used for keyboar / mouse devices. Basically making Organelle work as a normal computer when coupled with an HDMI monitor


I’ve found partial answers inside the official manual, but the main question remains: install, compile and run personal applications, is it fine to do with Organelle?

yes, you can install extra stuff and you can even still use the integrated keyboard and knobs.

Thanks @Servandob. Sorry for asking further clarifications but I want to avoid spending (quite an amount of) money for something that doesn’t do my job. Can you confirm that the following use cases are supported?

  • mouse and keyboard input + hdmi screen to use the Organelle as a nornal Pi4.
  • run server apps using network sockets over the integrated wifi iface

Thanks again!

Hej Gio.

Organelle-M uses a Cm3 so it behaves (kind of) like a Pi3, not at all like a pi4. also the Cm4 is not pin compatible with the cm3 so a hardware upgrade will not be possible.
If you don’t have intentions to make music with the organelle, you will get more performance for less $ from something like a r pi 400…
Also consider that the raspbian running in Organelle-M has been tweaked & optimized for audio purposes so you will have to do “extra” work to undo all those changes .
For instance: the partition for the OS in the organelle sdcard image is set to read-only and that’s already something that is in your way. Easy to undo in this case but there might be (for sure) more stuff that is different or Missing… (printing stuff, networking stuff, graphic optimization stuff, etc etc.)

I want to use the Organelle to make music :slight_smile: It would be foolish otherwise, since Rpi4 costs less and is much better then 3 (I’ve asked if there are plans to upgrade the form factor to CM4).

I’m asking because I have some tools of mine that I use for gig and I was considering the option to have everything in one place (the Organelle) and leave the pc at home. These sw is for live recording and playing and consist of socket based (utp and tcp) applications, one built with Go and another with Nodejs.
If there are no specific limitations set over the networking and socket APIs I should be fine.

BTW it might be worth installing Organelle OS on a bare Rpi3 and make some tests before buying the Organelle…

Why going Rp3 When you can go for the 4? ;).
There is an organelle group in facebook and somebody made / posted a clone. Also. a norns clone (fates) can be used to run pd patches but then you will have to work for it and still miss the organelle interface…
Maybe organelle + rp4 is the perfect combo for you.

Thanks @Servandob for the additional info. In the end I think organelle + laptop will be the final solution :slight_smile:

Yes to all of those. The standard Organelle distro has APT installed so you can install whatever you want from the standard repositories. I got mine playing Amiga Soundtracker modules! Be careful what you run server-wise, anything running in the background has the potential to reduce the processing power available to the Organelle’s sound engine (PureData).

thanks @st0kes good point. This would particularly relevant on Pi3, but that’s true for any RT system. I will revert to using my PC and communicate with my (future) Organelle through MIDI.