Biggest Organelle Mystery, Ever (Pictures)

I was looking online for pictures of an Organelle inside…a tear down…and…nothing!


So, ok, my question is: “Is the Organelle a Hat on a RPi? Can the RPi be upgraded to one with more RAM?”

I borrowed an Organelle M and because I was bopping back and forth between my office and home…where there monitors and keyboards…I started to use it like…a portable computer! Crazy, huh?

I thought “wow with some more RAM I could use this for browsing and browser-based work!”

Thanks in advance!


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not really a mystery… or shock, its not that common for tear down pictures, esp for more ‘niche’ products :wink:

organelle-1 and organelle-m are very different.
the organelle-1 uses a SOM by solid run, see hacking section for more details
the organelle-m used a CM3

so neither are a rPI + hat, that would be much bigger in physically, rather they both use SoC boards.

in both scenarios you could theoretically upgrade the SoC with a compatible SoC, however, this may require firmware/kernel changes!

if you see my thread on the quad-core organelle, you’ll see i did this with the organelle-1.

the organelle-m actually has a reasonable amount of RAM, and could used for a browser - its basically the same hardware specs as a rPI3b. and is running raspbian so is compatible with rPI software.

note: whilst you could use the organelle-m for general purpose computing, if you are not careful with the software you install you could easily degrade its performance for musical/audio use.
e.g. modern operating systems incl Raspbian, have a ton of software running in the background that make them ‘easy to use’, but can interrupt audio processing tasks or make less cpu/memory available for audio work.

so personally, given the price of a rPI, I prefer to keep a dedicated rPI for non-music stuff, and focus the organelle on audio work :slight_smile:


Thanks! Yeah, I’m a programmer etc., and I could easily see all kinds of daemons creeping into the mix, as it were :slight_smile:

Thanks again TechnoBear – you’re clearly THE guy that can answer such things amazingly on-point. I lurk here mostly, but, you’re 25% of the reason to get a Organelle, so, let me ask what may have been asked before:

– How does one contribute-to / tip the TechnoBear!?

We appreciate your creations, on ALL the platforms!



Thanks @los I appreciate your comments :heart:

I enjoy helping out where I can… good to share the experience we pick up along the way.

I recently created a ko-fi account - really aimed at tips for future software development e.g. Im currently doing some VSTs for the Percussa SSP. perhaps when I get time to do some more on the Organelle/Orac, I’d mention it here.

but… as Ive said before, I do this for the love of it, the spirit of sharing with the community - I think we all help each other, sharing ideas, music - and that Im very happy to do for free :slight_smile:


There’s some footage of the Organelle M in the video here while assembly is being finished. So you get a look inside.

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