Best midi merger / routing gizmo for organelle and other devices?

Hi all,

This has been covered a bit before … trying to hook up multiple midi devices, merging/routing and all that. And I believe @thetechnobear has mentioned some programming options for multiple midi device solutions.

But, for simplicity and also managing routing and merging stuff outside of the Organelle, has anyone found any midi merging / routing devices that work particularly well? Retrokits RK004 or RK006 seem pretty adaptable / customizable and up for the task. I think @HarmonyUnited mentioned them as pretty capable.

But I wonder if anyone has successfully used them for this sort of purpose (or any other similar midi merger/router device):

I have the OG organelle, so midi i/o would be via usb (and / or adapters and such). I’m using a keyboard controller to control the organelle via usb (it gets powered by the organelle also, and the keyboard also sends midi to a pocket piano and some other synths via traditional midi cables).

But I’d also like to send out midi from the organelle to the pocket piano and other synths (i.e. using Organelle instrument patches with simple sequencers to trigger other synths simultaneously). And perhaps being able to have the organelle receive midi from other sequencer controllers, merged with midi from the simple keyboard controller.

It seems like a decently programmable midi merger / router gizmo could do this. But I’m definitely a novice with midi stuff, so am not great at pouring through the gizmos’ manuals to figure out if they would work. But it seems like Retrokits stuff might work, though it could be tricky to avoid an organelle midi loop … still a bit unclear on how that works.

Thanks a bunch, and sorry for the long and not midi- or programming-savvy post. I’m still in the learning phase with midi routing and pure data programming stuff.

And thanks for being a rad community … I love how all this works, the community C&G has grown around such awesome instruments / devices.


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This is what I use, it’s really good, check out the various YouTube videos showing its potential.

It does everything you’ve mentioned and more.


Thanks for responding so quick … I’ll go and check it out!

Another simple question … does have any dealers in the US for the midihub? (vs getting it shipped from them in Lithuania). Obviously, this is a question I can just ask them, but figured you have experience ordering one. Thanks!

+1 for Midihub. Versatile device with neat software, includes over 30 ‘modules’ to manipulate midi