Question about using a retrokits RK-002 to MIDI sync with an analog device

Hello! I’ve been on a quest to find an elegant and highly portable solution to syncing the Organelle M with an analog device (a Moog DFAM in my case). I have had middling success using an ORAC module to send an audio click out one channel into the DFAM, but I’ve really been hoping to find a way to use the Organelle’s MIDI to to do the syncing (both to free up the audio I/O and because my current hack isn’t the most reliable).

Anyhow, in my searching, I stumbled upon THIS info about using the retrokits RK-002 (either with TRS midi breakout dongles, or maybe THIS version of the cable(?) with a specific firmware installed to get a midi-synced pulse into a trigger input.

I know very little about how ANY of this stuff works, but I contacted retrokits, and they seem to think that it would work provided the midi out has a ground connected. And I think the MIDI port would also have to provide power for the cable, but it sounds like that is less likely to be an issue?

All of that to primarily ask whether the midi out has a ground connected (or how to find out) ( @chrisk ?) , but also to both confirm that this all makes sense, and, if it does, to hopefully share a potentially useful tool with others in a similar “syncing ship.”

That cable looks interesting… The Organelle M does have a grounded MIDI out, but another issue is the output is 3.3V not the more common 5V (well for older gear at least). So I don’t know if the Organelle will supply enough power to the cable, it might be a try and see kind of scenario.

Thank you for your response Owen :0) The Retrokits folks say that that should be enough, so I went ahead and placed the order. Will try and remember to post here when I get it to confirm whether or not it works as intended!

Just wanted to drop a quick (if belated) note for anyone with a similar need who stumbles upon this in the future that the cable customized by Retrokits does indeed work!