Building from source guide?

Hi Guys,

Is there some form of “Building from source” guide for Organelle?

I have had a look through the github but cannot see anything obvious there.

Any pointers would be much apreciated.



its using a standard makefile , so just type make :wink:

You’ll also fine a deploy and image target , former to install , later to build an update OS file.

Hi Mark,

Thanks very much for the reply.

Is it just the Organelle_UI that needs making then?

What about the Organelle_controler and any of the other repositories?

Do you actually build on the organelle or use an arm cross compiler?

Many thanks


well depends what you mean by ‘needs making’… what is your purpose of building?

but, generally, yes just Organelle_UI …

Organelle_Controller is for the STM controller thats on board, but you would need a jtag setup to reprogram that… and then of course, if you change that , it would be incompatible with all other Organelles, since they cannot be upgrade solely from software.

I write most of my code on macOS (better editors :wink: ) and compile it… but then I transfer code to Organelle, where I build and test it.
I could cross compile, but theres no advantage, since id still need to move it to the Organelle to test it,
and besides theres not much code, it only takes a few seconds to compile even on the organelle.

other repos, nope, the others are just for patches etc.

what ideas for change do you have?


Thanks for all the info.

I guess the purpose initially is to just check I can get it built, then if I have anything I would like to change I would be ready to go :slight_smile: