Guide on how to flash Organelle 1 mcu?

All right, so lucky me is running an older version of the mcu firmware in my Organelle 1. This makes my pots unable to reach their full values somehow, which makes me unable to use my Organelle in a meaningful fashion… I’ve already replaced the pots thinking it would solve it before this.

So I have two choices, send the unit from Europe to USA to get it reflashed by C&G, or to do it myself. I would really prefer the latter since the first option would cost me around 100$ in shipping/tolls/duty. Not even knowing if and how much $ C&G would take to do the flashing. And, in the end, that would also mean I have almost payed the price of a new Organelle S for my second hand Organelle 1. So you can perhaps understand my dilemma…

So is there an idiots guide to how to compile and flash the content from here into my Organelle?
GitHub - critterandguitari/Organelle_Controller)

Do I need some kind of programmer, or can this be done via the usb ports on the Organelle? Or do I need to physically remove the SOC to make this happen…?

Someone please help.

Not sure if this might help but once I read a few times it seems quite easy. The etcher does all the heavy lifting.

This is not the OS. This is firmware that needs to be flashed to the mcu…

My mistake, sorry.

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No worries, i think this is a rare issue only affecting early Organelle 1 units… The natural response would be that it had to do with the OS.

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Why go to all the trouble of flashing the MCU? Could you not simply modify the mother?

I haven’t had a great experience with trying to do it the mother-way…

  • I succesfully did override the “1023” values in the analog.pd, but it was sluggish at best. Sometimes the values took about 3-4 seconds to reach the top values.

  • The same settings did not work in Orac for some reason.

And at first it worked, during the session I was currently in, the next time I booted it it was not working.

So I gave up and contacted support.
They told me there was an updated firmware for the mcu which (+more) specifically would solve the issue I have…

I’m not having a great Organelle experience atm to say the least. I can not sell it forward either before I fix this.

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I see! Yeah, it sounds like flashing is the way to go then. But couldn’t support help you with that?

I only got a reply that “if you feel comfortable compiling and flashing, then here is the link”.

I replied them once again asking if there is some kind of more detailed description on how to do it. I’m pretty sure I can solve it with some more guidance.

I wish I could help you but I don’t have an Organelle, only a home built Organelle M clone.

thanks for sharing this tutorial , this really helps me