Can all effects/synths be used as an effect?

Hi there, new to the page and on the fence about purchasing an organelle:

I was curious if all synths and effects could be controlled as an effect for bass and guitar? (Such as the minimoog, juno106, and other synth modes, to make an organelle the best synth pedal for guitar/bass).

Thanks for your time and help!
Sorry if this topic has been beat to death.


Thanks for your interest!

We have some pitch tracking-to-synthesis patches here:

as well as this multi-effect patch that uses incoming audio’s volume envelope to control effects:


Thank you for your help! I have noticed the minimoog, Rhodey, and june106 on Patchbay patches and noticed they weren’t on the list of pitch tracking synths. Do you think it would be possible to redesign said patches for audio input or do they possibly work audio input as well?

by using @thetechnobear modular ‘Orac’ patch and creating a preset with @WyrdAl Audio2Midi module followed by a synth module of your choice this is fairly easy to set up.
I have used Juno 104 in Orac as a module with success so that would be easy, rhodey too - not sure about minimoog because i haven’t tried that but i’m sure it could work.

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Word up! This has been really helpful, thank you everyone. I work in a wedding band, hip hop groups, and weird synth stuff sometimes comes up, and occasionally I want a closer to synth Sound than the classic Boos oc2 with chorus and drive. These patches mixed with dry and maybe octave or chorus should give me the sounds and tracking I’m looking for, and with way greater detail than most synth pedals on the market! Thanks again.

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Get back in touch if you need some help getting it all set up :+1:

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WILL do! Thanks @Wannop