Capabilities on wireless connection?

Hi all, just got a Offical Pi Wi-Fi Dongle, sucessfully connect but the OS of Organelle would get slower.

Anyway, I would like to know what you guys use for wireless setup, what the purposes it for.


why does the OS get slower?
the default setup on OS 3.1, is to not start the wifi automatically, rather you have to start it manually - so in this case it makes no differences when not started.

but if you auto start it, then it might take longer too boot, but no reason for the OS/pd to slow down - and certainly something ive not experienced.

(ok, technically another process is started, but its very light, compared to pd patches etc)

what do I use it for?

  • transferring patches, this is particular useful when using the new OS3.1 image where patches can be use be placed on the sdcard, but even for USB means I don’t have to keep taking the usb stick out.

  • syncing using Ableton Link over wifi, this is great not only for syncing Ableton, but also quite a few other devices these days.

  • Orac remote control, the next version of Orac will allow for remote control over WiFI, so im using that (in development) as well…

  • patch development (and other c++ development ), it allows me to remote log into the Organelle, and develop on my desktop, rather than having to attach the organelle to an hdmi montor and keyboard,mouse.
    (then there is also OscProxy)

in fact, Wifi for me is pretty much obligatory, without it, I think the Organelle would be pretty painful to organize/manage and develop for - and Id have probably lost interest in it due to the ‘hassle’


Looking forward to this!

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by this do you just mean what is discussed here? or does the new updates in 3 make this easier?

the configuration on the Organelle side was added for 3.0, but I think some people still had issues , but worth a try with the latest suggestions.