Capture : record/resample stereo audio from almost any patch

Another thing to consider is that sometimes it’s useful to be able to name samples and view the file names - sampletwig/polytwig allow for this and for many use cases it’s really beneficial.

Having a standard is incredibly useful - and the kit folder idea is incredibly well thought out, designed, and implemented - but having some exceptions to this standard is also nice! Personally with something like capture I would see myself wanting to go back and reorganize a kit anyway, even if new samples did directly save to a kit folder.

Now on the other hand, if someone is using Capture in a live performance context, I can see why having samples immediately available in an orac kit would be important. Maybe there’s a way to include an option so that the user can choose if samples save to an orac kit, or to a separate “capture” directory?

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the captures files names are the thing that annoys me the most about Capture actually, i don’t like having to keep them named from 1.wav to x.wav , the “captures” sampler module can show different file names just like “sampletwig” does, but the Capture patch and recorder can’t handle it… i’d like to fix this, i must investigate because i don’t know how to do yet.

i agree, i didn’t really thought about using Capture for resampling in a live situation (because of the delay when loading captures for example), but why not… the idea of an option to save in different folders looks tricky but interesting, nothing is impossible so i’ll work on it. :v:

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i made it :fist:

I’ve uploaded a new Capture module for Orac that lets you select the destination folder (between /captures and /samples/kit-1-24 , yeah by the way i extended the kits folder to 24, i thought it’s a logical evolution, the Organelle has 24 keys, for 24 samples, why not having 24 kits, hopefully it could become the new standard and in the future we could select a kit with a combination like aux + keys, kinda like an op-z…), more details on patchstorage → Capture (module) | Patchstorage


That’s fire :fire: - glad the suggestion resonated with you!

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Hello :v:

I’ve moved the project to sourceforge because i updated to 2.4 with a new “Update” feature …

Wow this sounds super cool! Just went to download it but there appears to be an error loading Patchstorage website?

Anyone else getting this?

Sorry to post on this feed…

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thanks! here’s the download link : Capture (Organelle) download |

i couldn’t make my Update script to work with Patchstorage so i move it to Sourceforge, and because i didn’t want to update the files on 2 different places i deleted the file from Patchstorage (but not the page, its description should link to the sourceforge page) :v:

EDIT : the Patchstorage website looks like to work for me

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Nevermind… It appears to be okay now! The PS website keep saying error BUT equally good to know the above! thank you…

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@electrafa This looks really cool. Is there a link to the source code?

Kind regards


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thanks! actually the only way to access files/code without installing is by downloading the .zop file (here), rename it to .zip and unzip it the way you want. :v:

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I’m really excited about Capture. To be able to record directly on the organelle whatever happens on it seems very essential to me. So thank you very much @electrafa for this!

I now downloaded the zop file and put it in the patches folder. But I cannot start the Capture Mode by pressing holding the encoder and pressing the AUX button.

I activate Capture, open a synth press the button comination… what did I miss?

thanks for your help.

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Hi @dom thanks! Do you have the Organelle 1 or M ? i found out there was an issue with the 1 that i’ll try to fix in the next update, if you have the M i’ll ask for a bit more infos to debug :wink:

I have the M…

we’ll figure it out… :wink:

by reading your issue with Orac i think it could be related, but i don’t know yet.

did you eventually rename or modify the /data folder in/sdcard…? (it’s the folder used for Orac presets and Capture files)

when you try to capture do you see the little + in the bottom right of the screen ?

I cannot see the little +

My organelle is pretty new and i did nothing but loading a couple of user patches and play around with it. I installed start VCN but I would be surprised if this had an effect on ORAC since its a patch from technobear.
Where would i find this folder?

i have StartVNC too, it doesn’t affect it.

the /data folder should be right next to the /Patches folder, both are in /sdcard, so it should show up first when browsing the Organelle via wifi.

i guess you know but Capture doesn’t work the same with Orac (there’s a dedicated module for capturing in it)

can you launch “captures” in the Capture menu ? it should load a patch that you could check too, you should be able to record and playback with it.

otherwize i will send you my last version to try, but if it still doesn’t work i think it might be something corrupted in your system, i would then recommend a backup + fresh install (simplest way to solve i think)

I think a fresh install is really the next step to tryout. I don’t see that data folder in /sd card. In fact I can’t a data folder anywhere. wonder where it got lost though. maybe I was not careful at one point.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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the /media folder is also missing there, maybe just try to re-download + re-install Orac 2.0 first, it should create these folders (Capture 2.4 installer should do it also, so i don’t see a reason it’s not there but who knows…), anyway i’m glad you found the problem :wink:

Edit : do you run the .zop installer from the /Patches folder…? it can look like you tried to install both manually

I didn’t run the zom installer :-/ I just renamed everything to a zip file. this is quite embarassing and naive… Sorry to bother you with this. And thanks again! It works now.

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no problem, i’m glad you made it to work :v: :wink: