Case / box for Organelle

I bought one of these cases on Amazon made for the OP-1, cost was $40. The Organelle knobs seems to light up fine with the recess in the case foam. The soft case allows that the Organelle is thicker than the OP-1. Its snug but not bad. The case also has an external pouch plenty large for the power adapter and cables.


Thanks for sharing this. I’m not sure I’d put so much pressure on the organelle knobs by squeezing them into a case like this. It would also make it more fragile in transport as things that have pressure on them tend to snap easier (human beings are a great example to this :slight_smile: )

@oweno hear our cries! design or suggest a case for the organelle!

@oweno @chrisk
Hes right! People lose their shit over a nice bit of merch for their pretty little music boxes. Me included.
Dooooooo it!

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No need for a compartment for cables or power supplies. People power their organelle in many different ways. Just a sturdy, protective box for the Organelle, so we can simply throw it into our backpacks or gig bags.

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Here here yes please I would buy cases for my organelle ,pocket piano,bolsa bass in a heartbeat .

@AisforAnything are you still making the boxes you mentioned in this old similar thread?


Oh these are nice! But the price is in dollars, which means they’re shipped from US or Australia… and that would make the total cost outrageously expensive. I live in Berlin.

I might also consider building a case myself, assuming I still have the basic skills required. :slight_smile:

I recently bought a very very cheap soft flute case (£10) Removed all the internal stuff and cut and taped together some basic hard foam packing with cutouts for the knobs. Seems to work fine.


Just purchased this Magma case for the Organelle and it works really well:
Magma CTRL Case for Roland Boutique Synths in Dock


That looks great,hows the depth,is there enough room for the knobs when closed?

Great idea! Can you still feel the knobs with your hand after the case is closed? I have a Roland Boutique case and after seeing your post, I tried placing the Organelle in it. The case is barely high enough and you can feel the knobs, and even click on the rotary when it’s closed. This could be solved by putting a layer of cloth or bubblewrap between the Organelle and the lid though.

To prevent this when using a traktor x1 case for my organelle, i’ve got a piece of foam taller than the knobs (and as wide as the short length of the case) slotted in between the encoder and knob 4. Solves the issue. Still think it would be awesome if C&G could make some accessories tailored to their synths.

Since there is no comment from C&G, I guess it will never happen.

I think the Magma case is a good solution.

In my home-brew case I cut pieces of semi rigid packing foam and made holes for the knobs with an apple corer! A bit of self adhesive draft proofing strip provided enough clearance for the keys. As a result I have a semi rigid case, with no pressure on the knobs or keys which is great.

Yes the Magma case is looking quite good,the only problem I can see is the knob height and if our UK dirty great 3 pin plug fits in!!!

You could also just cut holes in the foam to fit over the knobs, that way there would be no pressure on the knobs

I’ve received mine yesterday and it’s fine. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone.
I received my Organelle about 3 weeks ago (of course super excited) and have been searching for a case/box to transfer it safely ever since.
I have found some interesting stuff regarding this issue.

Some flute/piccolo flute cases have the ideal dimensions to fit an organelle in like the following:

Of course there are hard cases as well (second hand for better prices maybe) which with a bit modding (extracting the “frame” which holds the wind instrument) can be helpful as well.

Finally, i intend checking out the U8410BL UDG Creator NI Kontrol F1/X1/Z1 Hardcase which is at low cost as well and the dimensions (inch: 13 x 6.2 x 2.4) seem pretty comfortable:

I’ll inform as soon as i conclude to one of the above mentioned.