Organelle-m storage and transport case

I think i have an adequate storing and transport solution for the organelle-M

Found it on Aliexpress ( There are a couple of similar cases. Some labelled as “flute case” others as “tool case”. The fit is almost too perfect. It slides in and does not move, but there is no room for additional foam for protection.

Thought some of you might want to know.




Hey! I found this case that’s slightly bigger and comes with the customizable foam.
Seems like it should leave just enough room on each side of the Organelle, plus a little extra length to store the power adapter & a other small accessories…


very nice find. Have you ordered it already so we can compare?

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I did order it, but it won’t get here for a week or two. I’ll post once it arrives!

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Awesome! Do you know how long it takes for the delivery? The 20-40 days mention is making me insecure.

I don’t have the best one, and it doesn’t worth a hard case, but it looks like a transverse flute bag can perfectly fit… :v:


Nice Case. Looks like there is room to stash the power supply in the empty space at the end.

Where’d you order that? Looking online and I can’t find much.

This looks promising…

Might actually order this :laughing:

there are plenty of quality ones in music shops, but for example you can find a lot on amazon : , be sure to check the inside’s dimensions :v: