Case / box for Organelle


Great idea! Can you still feel the knobs with your hand after the case is closed? I have a Roland Boutique case and after seeing your post, I tried placing the Organelle in it. The case is barely high enough and you can feel the knobs, and even click on the rotary when it’s closed. This could be solved by putting a layer of cloth or bubblewrap between the Organelle and the lid though.


To prevent this when using a traktor x1 case for my organelle, i’ve got a piece of foam taller than the knobs (and as wide as the short length of the case) slotted in between the encoder and knob 4. Solves the issue. Still think it would be awesome if C&G could make some accessories tailored to their synths.


Since there is no comment from C&G, I guess it will never happen.

I think the Magma case is a good solution.


In my home-brew case I cut pieces of semi rigid packing foam and made holes for the knobs with an apple corer! A bit of self adhesive draft proofing strip provided enough clearance for the keys. As a result I have a semi rigid case, with no pressure on the knobs or keys which is great.


Yes the Magma case is looking quite good,the only problem I can see is the knob height and if our UK dirty great 3 pin plug fits in!!!


You could also just cut holes in the foam to fit over the knobs, that way there would be no pressure on the knobs


I’ve received mine yesterday and it’s fine. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: