Changing Alphanumeric Keyboard - Organelle M

I’m starting to learn Pd for the Organelle M. I connected an Hp keyboard and was abble to do the basic polyphonic patch from C&G tutorial. But I found many symbols are not where they normally are on the keyboard for example “:”, “/”, “~”, etc which makes it more difficult and annoying. How can I fix/change that (keyboard layout I guess)?

hi @Elefou i can confirm this is not the typical qwerty layout (i have a qwerty and it’s not the same), there’s a topic on how to fix this : Information about the OS / keyboard-layout

what do you mean its not typical qwerty layout? I’ve used it on my old computer and it worked fine. I read that topic but I still dont understand how to fix it, I am not very skilled in computer matters and even less in Linux.


sorry i may be wrong but i think there’s the american qwerty layout witch i would say is common, and there are other ones (canadian/german/italian ? i don’t know, in France we use azerty), i think i have the american one because i didn’t have to change anything for it to work on the Organelle, while you might have to change your OS settings to make yours to work correctly if it’s from another country…

i understand, that’s not simple on linux… i don’t remember precisely so i can’t tell you right now but i will try to explain step by step soon if i can. :v:


Ohh, understood. I live in Perú so I guess it’s mexican, spanish or latinamerican layout (but I’m not sure). And don’t worry, that would be super helpfull but I understand its probably time consuming, thanks a lot!

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The link from @electrafa is for the Organelle1. (thanks for your help though!)

With the Organelle M it is a little easier to change the language of the computer keyboard. You can try the steps here:

The menu has changed since those instructions were posted so now in a terminal type:

sudo raspi-config

Then with your keyboard arrows select:

4 Localisation Options

and then select:

I3 Change Keyboard Layout


Awesome, thanks! I’ll try it tomorrow morning and I’ll let you know how it went :slight_smile:

Hi, just tried the layout change through “sudo raspi-config” and it doesnt work. I’ve tried choosing generic keyboard 101, 102, 104 and 105 and with English (US), Spanish and Spanish (Latinamerican) and regardless of which one I choose I still get the same layout (eg. when I press “.” + alt I get “>” instead of “:”, all the number symbols with the alt key are moved “!”·$%&/()=", etc). I rebooted after every change as the link said, and still nothing. The keyboard is a Hewlett Packard model KU-0316 (photos above), any thoughs or suggestions?

You will have to change the filesystem to read-write mode so that changes like this persist. Run this command before raspi-config:


This puts the system into read-write mode.

Just tried that and it says “mount: only root can use “–options” option” :confused:

Oh right, to run the command as root, use sudo:

sudo /home/music/fw_dir/scripts/
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Just tried it and it’s working perfectly now. Thanks for all the help! I’m really noob in all that stuff

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