Changing the keymap/local from the US?


This might be sort of a newb question, but I can’t find the needed info anywhere.

The Organelle Linux is running a US locale/keymap, witch makes editing patches kinda troublesome when using a non-US keyboard (DK in my case). What I need is how to mount the fs as rw, since remount doesn’t seem to work, and after that what conf file to edit?

Any suggestions?

best /schack :slight_smile:

Also from Denmark here and also have that issue. I still have not found out how to make a ~ on the keyboard I use. And many other key commands are also troublesome.


I might be answering my own question here. I’m assuming that Organelle is running Arch Linux and I found this wiki-page on their site.

The instructions is good for a temp keyboard setup, but I cant find a vconsole.conf in /etc, making it hard to make the change persistent. If I figure it out I’ll make a small howto. :slight_smile