Sudo raspi-config

I wanted to change my raspi-config. I changed the keyboard layout to german and the screen resolution to 1920x1080 but it’s not taken into effect. Not stored properly and not loaded properly.

Who knows what to do?

I think the problem is my file system is in read only mode. I cannot put it back to read-write mode! See the picture below. After reboot the mode is always set back to “ro”. Read-Only.

I am new to Organelle and new to PD and new to Raspi.

It’s really intimidating, when nothing is working in the first place.

Is there a way to set the Organelle back to original state?

This post will help you out

The Organelle is typically a read only file system. You will need to run this command to mount with write privileges so the changes persist. sudo /home/music/fw_dir/scripts/

From there you should be able to run sudo raspi-config.

Unfortunately I don’t know what to do to set it back into read only mode :frowning:

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Thank you very much. See my changes above.

If it is read only on boot then that is what you want. You want it to not be able to change the filesystem upon reboot unless you specifically tell it to. When you run that command, you temporarily set it to read write so any changes made will become permanent. After you reboot, you should be set back to read only. Does that answer your question? Or is the issue that you have read write privileges upon reboot?

Ok, I see. I changed the settings and they are stored correctly. Even after reboot, if I open the sudo raspi-config I see the German layout that I selected before.

But, the problem is, it doesn’t match to my German keyboard. The ÖÄÜ is not present, but also the special chars that appear when I press shift + 1…9 and so on.

Hmm… I would say try sudo upgrade but I don’t recommend it at all. Some packages may break and I’m not even sure if that layout would be included in the update. You can purchase a new keyboard or if you have a laptop or some other device that has a layout that’s listed, you can set it to that and use the VNC server on the Organelle to access it.

Just download VNC viewer on that machine, set the Organelle and the machine to the same network, turn on the server from the Organelle, go to info and put in the IP address in VNC viewer. Password and username should both be music. This is my preferred way of working with the Organelle

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I don’t even know what all these listet layout types mean.

Tomorrow I give it another try.

VNC connection is a good idea. Thank you for your support.

Hello dear T8R. Now I am able to connect to my Organelle via TigerVNC from my studio desktop PC. It works. And also the keyboard layout is matching now. I have better control over screen resolution. And I can easier switch between tigerVNC window and my deskopt PC applications.

That is a big step forward. Thank you for your kind support.

You are very supportive.

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No problem! I look forward to trying out your sampler you are working on!