Clicks and pops

Having issues with clicks and pops on some of my favorite patches, specifically Aquarius 4, apollostation, and supersynthengine. The pops/clicks happen randomly and fairly consistently when using the patches. Was wondering if this happens with everyone or if it’s an issue with my organelle. Perhaps this just happens with more complex patches? Any way to resolve it?

Which Organelle do you have?

Organelle M with OS 4.0

You can debug this yourself if you’re a bit technically inclined. Log into your Organelle via SSH or VNC, and type “top” in the terminal. If you see the “pd” process near 100% that means the patch is too heavy for the Organelle.

I had this issue with those same patches at one point, and some other complex ones. It only started after I downloaded a bunch of new patches though - the problem went away when I cleared out space on the sd card and installed all my patches on a usb drive instead. I’m not sure why that worked in a technical sense though, so I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful!

I think that’s actually it. Thanks!