Organelle makes loud pop when ejecting usb stick

I know this will be a problem long forgotten when everyone starts using the sd-card and transfer stuff via wifi, but for now my Organelle makes a loud pop everytime I eject the usb stick. Is there any way to fix this?

This is happening when you select the eject option? ( rather than pulling out stick), if so sounds like software rather than physical- Hmm, my guess is this is caused by the PD patch being terminated… does it happen with all patches?

Is this a new problem? or has it alway done it?

Do you get it when switching patches?

It may be the eject script is not waiting fully for the Pd patch to close properly - but I don’t think that’s changed.

Also if you turn down the volume before ejecting does this help?

What OS version are you on?

@thetechnobear I’ll have to do some more testing. Right now my Organelle is packed down for tomorrows gig, but I seem to recall it happens when I open the first patch after boot up as well, not sure about changing patch. I’ll check and come back to you. It happens when i select the eject option not when I am actually removing the stick so i think your asumtion about the PD patch being terminated is the clue.

@oweno I am on one of the betas of 3.1. I can try to upgrade to the official version after tomorrows gig and check if there is a difference.

I’ve noticed this issue as well. I just turn down my mixer when ejecting a lot.