Conflicting MIDI messages?


I’m building a patch around one of my MIDI controllers (KORG NANOKONTROL 1), however a few of the encoders are sending MIDI info to several sliders in the Mother Desktop (which I don’t want).

Is there a way to parse out certain ctlin info into the Mother Desktop without interfering with the Organelle keys and encoders?

Basically some encoders on the controller have identical MIDI channel info as the Mother Desktop sliders, and I’m inadvertently sending unwanted messages to those parameters.

Is this just bad luck, and do I need to look for alternative controller methods?


Ok, of course I solved this only after I posted.
Here’s the workaround for anyone else in need.

You need to send a zero (0) message to [s midiInGate] and [s midiOutGate]
I had tried this previously with a [Loadbang] but this did not work for me.

For some reason, only by assigning a separate midi button to send that zero to [s midiInGate] and [s midiOutGate], was I able to get this to work.

Its an extra step I need to take before performing, but such is life.

Please chime in if anyone is able to get a [loadbang] to perform this.