Eyesy shopping list

Hi, I’m new here. I’m eyeing up an Eyesy and would like to incorporate one into my DAW. What would I need to get this up and running? Ideally I’d like to produce something as a visual interest to accompany pieces of music.
Will I need another monitor or will a tablet do? Will I need video editing software or is this included with the Eyesy. Does it need a particular interface or will a USB hub suffice?
THanks in advance. G

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Inputs for Eyesy:

Audi: stereo 1/4 inch jack
Midi: 1/8 inch TRS type A

Outputs for Eyesy:

Hdmi or composite cable
Hdmi or composite generic usb capture card.
Software to record video. Eg Open Broadcast Studio

I have used a separate monitor or just the feed into OBS on my laptop.

Eyesy does not come with any software or cables other than a power supply.

Running a video feed into a regular tablet can be difficult, videos showing tablet like devices on the desktop are often just small monitors.

Hi Syntheist, thanks for the info. Isn’t there a librarian or editor? Thought I saw something on a youtube promo vid. G

There isn’t a separate librarian, but you can access the directory with modes and even edit them directly on the Eyesy through a browser. The manual has a section on how to do this.