Control Organelle (via USB) from Norns Shield

Hello folks!
I’m trying to use this new script Jala - random sequencer for ambient soundscapes - Library - lines for Norns Shield, to controll some synth pataches on the Organelle M (via USB) but seems doesn’t work.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

The issue here is that your are connecting 2 USB MIDI hosts, which doesn’t work.
To do that you’ll need either

  • to get an host to host adapter like the Sevilla MIDI USB-USB, or a DIY equivalent of it, @okyeron’s 2Host.
  • Use 2 midi interfaces on the Norns and the Organelle (I assume you don’t have an Organelle M), and connect them together

Hi, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I have an Organelle M.
I will order the Sevilla Soft Midi USB today.
Thanks again.

Full disclaimer, I haven’t tried this setup (I’m just waiting on some parts to build the 2host) but it should be what you need.
Also, as you have an Organelle M (which features a built in MIDI interface), you could try a USB > MIDI interface with the Norns to connect the two, if you have one around. Any of these cheap adapters should do the trick: (with another DIN > 1/8" jack adapter)