MIDI Ableton & Organelle 1

Hello everyone,
I want to be able to send and receive midi to & from Ableton Live to the organelle 1. To be clear, some examples: To have a MIDI track in Ableton sending midi notes to organelle patches (eg Rngs). And also to play notes on the organelle and record the MIDI notes in Ableton.
What do I need to buy to make this work?? Would those things below work?

Or the 2X2 M- Audio Midisport

I’ve seen many posts about this topic but I’m still not so sure about what I need to do.
Thank you!!!

As far as I know, you just use a USB-cable and set up Organelle in Ableton’s Midi preferences. No need for a separate midi-interface, since that would be for using a traditional midi-cable/midi-jack which the Organelle doesn’t have.

You mean USB to USB and straight to the laptop? Because that doesn’t work from what I’ve tested

Hmm. I think we’d better wait for someone more knowledgeable to chime in. I haven’t tried to connect Organelle for midi, but I use Usb-midi connections for other synths.

Yes I guess so… I’ve connected multiple synths with no problem but I can’t do it with the organelle…

If you are trying to connect two USB-A ports together (one on Organelle, one on laptop), it’s not gonna work. From @thetechnobear:

Hey, thanks for the answer. I’ve seen @thetechnobear answer to another thread. I should be more precise. My plan is to connect to my audio interface (Steinberg UR22). A USB in the Organelle’s port and 2 MIDI 5 pins to the Midi in and out of my interface. I’m just not sure if those cables ( usb to midi in & out) would work… From what I saw, you may end up with the same Midi host to Midi host issue and nothing will work.
Thanks again

Thanks for clarifying.

‘MIDI host’ doesn’t exist. The USB protocol has the Host-Device connection concept but the MIDI protocol does not.

Once a USB Host like your laptop or Organelle has hosted a USB Device like Steinberg UR22 or other USB-MIDI adapter like Roland UM-One, you don’t need to worry about USB host-host connections. The UR22 and Roland UM-One will just be sending/receiving MIDI to each other. So as long as you connect a MIDI Out to a MIDI In, you will be fine.

The three USB-MIDI adapters you listed in your first post might work. I would recommend the Roland UM-One since we know from other users that it works well with Organelle1.

So your setup would look like this:

  1. Laptop USB A port --> Steinberg UR22 USB B port
  2. Steinberg UR22 MIDI In/Out --> Roland UM-One MIDI Out/In *
  3. Roland UM-One USB plug --> Organelle USB A port

Note * : if you connect both MIDI Out/In, you may get a MIDI loop unless you disable the output or input in software (either on Ableton or Organelle). Or just don’t connect all the plugs/jacks. So if you wanted to control the Organelle from Ableton, disconnect the Organelle’s MIDI output from the Steinberg. Or you could change the send channel on Organelle…there’s lots of ways to avoid a feedback loop, but sometimes it’s cool: https://youtu.be/h-o35-FoO1w

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Thank you so much Chris! I found a retailer that has the Roland um one mk2 here in Greece so I’ll try it out and see how it goes…

PS: the feedback loop video sounds so fun! Unfortunately I’ll need 2 more organelles :joy::joy:

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