Creating a mode from a still image?

For the benefit of those of us who aren’t computer programmers would it be possible to create a guide on how to create a mode using still images?

From the manual.

Can I feed still images into ETC as source material?

Yes! Modes can be made to use still images from within the mode’s file structure. You might even find some examples of this in our ETC modes repository.

Can you give instructions on how to go about doing this please?

Maybe even a template that users could simply add in their own still images to? That would be awesome!



Here is a mode that cycles through still images. You can put .png images in the Images folder inside the mode and it will load them. Loading large images might slow things down.

T - Basic (247.4 KB)

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Wow, thanks! Are there more image mods?

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Awesome, thanks will give it a spin:)

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Had a play with this and can see the potential to develop further!
Would be great if there was a mode where the images were processed like some of the other modes - like the mirroring effect or the colours changed or the image got broken up into particles by one of the controls - would this sort of thing be possible?

I guess if it was one or two images only then maybe yes?

Worked out how to do a ‘mirroring’ type effect and made a short piece featuring my Shiba ‘Sachi’


Wow that looks cool! how is synced to music, are you sending CC messages? nice dog too!

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Thanks! Yes there’s audio, some midi CCs being controlled from LFOs and my live control too.



Hello! do you mind sharing the mode you created to make that video with the dog? That video pushed me over the edge to get the ETC!"


There’s a link posted above for the mode that I used with the image of my dog.
Hopefully the wonderful people at C&G will consider to develop some more modes that use imported images!

Hi, more image modes here: !

Image mode demo video:

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