Using New Images

hey man i was trying to see how you were able to access screen grabs or just regular basic image jpg files uploaded into the grabs folder to see them on screen and manipulate the image? ive loaded several jpg files and can see them on my OSD but dont know how to get them on screen to play with

Hi, To use images in a mode, the modes must be coded to do so. You can see how modes like:

  • T - Basic Image
  • T - Image & Circle
  • S - Circle Scope - Img
  • S - H Circles - Img

…are coded to use images. The modes are picky about where the images are in the mode folder. So as you make your own modes, make sure that you include your images in the appropriate location of your mode folder.

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SO I LOAD IMAGE FILES AS JPGs …and then number them from 0-3 etc i think there can be no more than 4 image files would love if maybe you can message me on here and help me out cuz i dont know if ill be able to go through a-p mode and all that without some step by step help

The EYESY manual outlines the steps: Critter & Guitari Manual

There are two options to using images:

  • If you want to use an existing image mode but with your images, you can replace the images in the mode’s image folder.
  • If you want to create a new mode or modify an existing mode’s functionality, you will need to program the mode to do so (and then include the needed image files in your mode folder).

The first option is fairly straightforward and only requires ‘file management.’ The second option is more complicated and requires some knowledge of coding in the Python language. The examples provided in my previous post should be enough to get you started if you have some Python experience.


ok hell yeah i finally got it … thanks man … now… 2 follow up questions

so currently i have a few really sick screen grabs how do i access them and how do i save them as files that i can trigger or synthesize or is that possible? also will the screen grab cover the whole display on screen when its pulled up?

my 2nd question -

  • what do i need to do step by step to to manipulate visuals coming from a vhs vcr which is playing a video cassette in real time,

Screen grabs are saved in the Grabs folder on the SD card:
If you click into the Grabs folder from the web editor you can download and/or copy to other mode folders.

If you want to use a Screen Grab within another mode, the mode must be appropriately coded to use the image in the way you want. Also, it is probably best to copy only the images you need into the modes you want to use. If you copy images you aren’t going to use, EYESY will load them into RAM anyway and you will end up ‘wasting’ RAM that could be used for other modes. As for image size, this handled by individual modes.

I have attached an example mode below that only displays .png files, centered on the screen that can be resized by knob1 and cycled through with a trigger.

To load .jpg files change the end of line 17 from .png to .jpg :

for filepath in sorted(glob.glob(etc.mode_root + ‘/Images/*.png’)):

Background Image (1.4 MB)

The EYESY does not have a video input. To mix and process video signals from the EYESY and VCR, etc. you would need:

  • an external video mixer
  • video capture card and computer with video editing or VJ-type software.

There is some information about capture cards in manual section 6.2

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