CruelWave Patch

I’m currently using this patch -

I can’t quite work out what’s happening with the start and end points, they affect the pitch rather than crop into the sample. Also the keyboard plays back pitches rather than sections of the sample.

I’m presuming this isn’t functioning as described? This could be really useful if it did what I thought it should do.

Any insight?

@rmro you can ask @Blavatsky nicely for help or dig in the patch an take a look?

Oh man, what a mess that is hahah. I had no idea what I was doing here.
If you want to mess with the tree of stuff under ‘playback frequency’ some stuff happening there that might help with pitching.
Look at my ‘SamplerStretch’ on patchstorage too, it’s more basic but might be useful

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Ok will do thanks :grinning:. I’m actually liking the sounds I’m getting out of it!