Just installed a bunch of new stuff...now ALL my patches crackle

I’m guessing it might have something to do with installing FluidSynth, LADSPA and the latest versions of shree’s new synths?

I also installed a handful of other patches, but I don’t know how they would alter the playback for all patches.

Any ideas? Right now every patch is unusable, which really sucks.

Shit, not heard this one before. Have you tried erasing USB contents and beginning again?

yeah that’s a new one. The synths should not give you crackling Fluidsynth & LADSPA wouldn’t either
maybe your stick is filling up? No clue on this one

Good news, a clean wipe and re-install fixed the issue. Man, these thumb drives sure are slow though.

Thanks for the recommendation, and in case anyone is wondering, Fluidsynth and LADSPA are solid :slight_smile:

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please try the Hammond organ if you have not already
i want to blame andy :slight_smile:

Also installing my patches may cause male pattern baldness so beware

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Was it only the USB drive you had to reinstall?

Yeah, I just deleted the contents of the patch folder and transferred the files from my backup. I think something must have gotten corrupted during my previous transfer. For some reason, I only seem to get data transfer rates of a few hundred K/second to this USB. It makes copying samples pretty painful.

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I noticed this too, would a usb to micro sd adapter work faster?

I’m doing the same thing.
The little white USBs are really attractive but i run out of space too rapidly and surely with folders of WAV files eating up space. Glad it worked out!

I’m having something similar happen here. Everything was fine last session then today I spent an hour sorting patches in to folders and also updated to latest beta. Now I’m often getting crackles in patches that were fine before. Will try wiping the stick and re-transferring it all… Bummer tho cos that takes forever with super slow transfer speeds to usb stick :frowning:

hmm first thing to try, would be rolling back to the previous beta version you were using, in case the beta has introduced something…
note: I’m not saying it has, as I was running b14 all last night with patches, and it was fine.

its really important when reporting issues that people are very clear what was the last thing that changed. and if at all possible revert the change to see if its improves… unfortunately, a report like ‘it crackles’ really doesn’t tell anyone anything. other than probably the cpu load has been raised by something, this could be the usb stick, but could be a hundred other things.

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Thanks for advising. I checked cpu and it was happening on patches that were showing only 15% cpu. The cpu meter seems weirdly static on organelle tho so I’m not sure how accurate that was.
In some patches like C&G synth arpeggio crackles would happen approx every 4 seconds and it kind of sounded like something was being reset in the audio. Like a super tiny dropout/restart. In some other patches the crackles seemed like they were more frequent, but I forget the patch names.
I maybe should have said that I already had all C&G patches in their own folder prior to today. So they were untouched during transfers today. But those Patches crackle now too. I only tested a couple tho as was in a rush to leave house. But maybe that points more toward me having issues with the beta than corrupted files from transfer/stick problems? I’ll try rolling back the OS first thing tomoro and see if things return to normal.


Also the order I did things was -
-add a few or the recent new organelle patches to stick. (and the beta file)
-organise those new patches and also a ton of existing patches in to folders on stick.
-update organelle

Unfortunately glitches (audio drop outs) are usually caused by short high (intermittent ) cpu loads, so you won’t see with ‘info’ - as the organelle has only one core, any activity can cause this eg bad patching practices, blocked IO due to bad usb reads. WiFi retries, the list is pretty endless.

I’ve not changed anything in the latest beta that’s likely to cause this, if anything there is some optimization, but my point was bugs creep in, so it’s best to test new things in isolation

So… Switched on today and everything is fine. Nothing has changed - same files/stick/cables/levels/psu etc. But no crackles today. Not sure what was happening in the session yesterday. Will keep an eye on it…

When you had issues , had you been using it for a long time, or using some patches that had used lots of cpu?

Also did you try power cycling to fix it?
Next time this would be worth a try, and also if that doesn’t work try leaving it off for 10 minutes.

I’m wondering if there is a thermal issue, if you used a patch that hit the cpu too hard, it could take a while to recover , as it’s passively cooled… so all it can do is reduce cpu frequency , which would cause you drop outs.

Also if you get a repeat , try unplugging anything you have plugged in, including midi and WiFi.

Perhaps with a few experiments you can narrow down the cause.

Cpu meter: only takes one reading it’s not continuous, which is why i said it’s not accurate

I can’t remember exact patches I was using. Possible I used some heavy hitters tho…Wondering if it might be possible to have a cpu % meter tweak in the OS so it’s more accurate and always viewable at top of screen between the in/out meters (not at my organelle atm to see if this is even a feasible suggestion in terms of space)? I’ve read a few comments where people have said that a few patches apparently click/pop/crackle due to non cpu related issues. Kinda guesswork for users tho if they hit crackles etc unless they’ve read/remember that info…

Will power cycle next time if I get the same issue. Might have solved it instantly but was in a rush and didn’t even occur to me to try!

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I think I have the crackling issue too, actually, with the autechre patch from Shree. It sound/behaves very weird at times and didnt really have any idea what was going on.

Guess I’ll try to redownload/reinstall it when I get home from holiday and see if that helps!

(Right now attending kid with food poisoning. Wonderful way to end a holiday) :persevere:

if you downloaded version one intentionally overloaded the outputs for a Russell Haswell noise vibe but subsequent versions were tweaked so they didn’t do that.