Display screen line help

mscale3.zip (5.2 KB)

I Updated someone’s mscale module for ORAC to include 24 different scales (Ionian and major are the same, I know just put it in because)
This is probably done very poorly as I am useless at coding and tried to make it work, however the midi seems to be registering correctly and creates the right scales per number (0-23). My problem is the screen line or what I believe is s aux-label-$1, the scale name that appears is always the last scale (Hijaroshi). When scrolling through other scales (0-22) the other names appear for like a micro second before being replaced with hijaroshi. However on scale 24 (#23) which is Hijaroshi, the name is replaced with #22 Iwato.

If someone could look through or offer advice that would be awesome.

Also if there are any wizards who can explain why the organelle/patch freezes if I change scale whilst holding a note/chord?