Organelle patch for custom tuning and scales

Hi ya!

Does anyone know where to start with building a patch that could create various midi scales and tunings? I was thinking my organelle could be an awesome little tool for writing melody ideas, and if I could dial in some different tunings and scales like on my ableton push, that would be really cool. Be amazing if it could load tuning files to play Arabic maqam scales and stuff too! Anyone heard of doing something like this at all?

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On orac patchstorage I recall there being a midi scale patch - had basics programmed but you can add your own scales which is exciting.
The Muchord is a cool utility in Orac that creates chords and inversions of those chords from a note.
Notegen or Euclid can be used with these being modulated by an lfo.
Ie. A1 notegen/euclid A2 Muchord A3 czz M1 lfo could start some intersting generated sounds/melodies. Maybe?


i have one that uses .scl [Scala] files and lets you load them for historical, ethnic and experimental tunings

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it is NOT an orac patch it’s a pd patch just to be clear