DJ Patch extended record time

I love so much DJ patch record but it only can records too short samples (2sec I guess) for me to use it as far as I would.
Is there a way to extend the record time for that patch ?
I took a look on pd but when I change the number that seems to set the record time it doesn’t affect the patch.

If anyone can explain where and how to change the record time in any patch, or, if there’s no standard way to change this, at least on DJ patch record : it will be very great !

Thanks a lot

Hi @Lijcke - sorry for the delay.

The default maximum record time for DJ Patch Record is 6 seconds. To change the maximum record time of this patch you will have to edit the recording array.

  1. Open up main.pd
  2. Click into [pd arrays]
  3. Click into one of the [cg-load-array-record dj #]
  4. Change the [delay 6000] to the length in milliseconds of your choice. (See screenshot below)
  5. Right Click to open the Array properties and edit the size field. This number is in samples. This number should match the delay in milliseconds (step #4). So if you wanted to change to 20 seconds - the delay would read 20000 and the array size would be 882000.

Since the patch is loading the audio arrays into RAM, you will need to be careful not to max out the available amount of RAM. If you do, some audio clipping and/or slowing down of the Organelle may occur. If this happens, just undo that change and reload the patch. You will have to experiment to see what is possible.

Waw ! Thanks a lot, you really made my day.
I can’t wait to try to set up mine.

Thank you so much for this !