Record time longer for sampler style REC patch?

How do i make the record time longer for sampler style REC patch, maybe 6 seconds? It only allows 1 sec recordings and i tried making longer in PD but i couldn’t figure it out because i don’t know what I’m doing. HELP PLEASE

You have to edit the patch but i will tell this and perhaps it would be great for people who get their organelle and immediately want to turn it into a 6/8 infinite recorder. You are pushing the organelle.
There is a version of a patch that does this but it’s loading in 6 second samples, not recording them on the fly. If you are talking about extending the buffer of the recorder to 6 seconds or longer for each key you may want to see what others have come up with and get to see what the instruments strengths are.

i think the best results i have seen is maybe 4 seconds for recorder time? Anyone else gotten it longer than that?