Edit Patches to (virtually) true bypass?


I’m a singer from Norway, and currently exploring my new Organelle.
I’m planning on using the Organelle in a live setting, and trying my very best to avoid having two microphones on stage.
Is there a way to edit patches in pd, to make the input signal travel dry through the Organelle while ex.
playing on one of the synth patches?

Have someone experimented with this? Thanks.

Andrea Louise


This topic has a small snippet that you can add to any patch that would allow signal to travel through Organelle unaltered


This will make everything so much easier!
Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I edited all my patches and it works very well, but is it possible to get stereo out as well?
With ex. the Granular Freezer i get full stereo, so it shouldn’t be the cable…
I’m so new to pd, that I haven’t figured it out yet.


Yes, you must connect each input ( [r~ inR] & [r~ inL] ) to both outputs

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Thank you, that makes perfect sense… :slight_smile: