Monitoring While Sampling

Hey guys just got my organelle yesterday. I tried playing with the sampler and so far have managed to get it to work but the main problem I’m having is hearing the source while I’m recording the sample.

Anyone know if it’s possible to hear what you are recording?

Yeah. Just open the patch you want and connect the input to the output then save the patch and upload it to the USB drive.

I think all the sampler patches do not have play thru, so you never hear the input, only the sample playback. This of course can be changed as @marcus mentioned. What is the patch you were using? I can make the modification as an example.

Nice to hear. I was testing all of the available sampler patches. The basic, nori and sampler style rec. ideally I’d be able to add this function to any sampler I use in the future

Here is a revised file for Basic Sampler. Replace this main.pd file with the one in the folder. main.pd (4.5 KB). It contains the following small addition to monitor input:

This addition can be added to any patch to enable play thru.


Thanks for that request, Feend – it’s just the kind of thing that makes the Organelle more practical as a creativ tool.

Works beautifully… Thank you! I just added this to the Nori sampler…

aha - thanks for the tip!

Would anyone care to share the final screen cap of what this patch mod looks like on any of the sample patches so I can attempt it myself?

Just add what oweno posted earlier over in the corner. I did it with nori and it worked first try. you can download the patches at or on critter and Guitari’s site, and just tack it into one of the sampler patches in the corner. Those four boxes connected right tell the sampler “when you receive input left, throw output left, when you receive input right, throw output right”

I can’t screen now but I will send u one after work homie

is it possible to add this to the granular freezer ? The wet/dry function doesn’t work

If you add r~ inL to throw~ outL and r~ inR to throw~ outR somewhere in the main.pd it will let you play thru the inputs unaffected

Marcel also change your settings in granular freezer. You should be able to play through relatively clean, I think the wet/dry actually goes dry/wet, and you’ll want grain size turned to like 1 and density to like 100

thanks for your suggestion, but i’d like to be able to switch the effect on and off with a pedal while the dry signal constantly goes out, do you think this is achievable?

Adding those boxes to Pd file should do the trick

it’s not working for me :confused: , can you share the .pd files with me if you have time? thanks

Well, I don’t think that is the exact solution you need for what you want to have happen. You would need to be making the control pedal call up like a preset almost, so you could have a dry signal and then change it to effected with the press of the ctrl. As it is, I think the pedal will activate the aux function, which is freeze, but that would imply that you already have the knobs set where you want them at the point of the freeze…
What I am saying is I’m not sure myself or pt have the solution to this :thinking:
Somebody could probably write the function u need but currently I just use gran freezer as a heavy effect rather than an on/off effect

That’s weird. I downloaded & replaced the revised main.pd file for monitoring sound
for sampling. It plays thru ok, but does not record anymore (on Nori Sampler).
I also did the “reload” procedure, no dice. Am I missing something here?

@oved325 The revised ‘main.pd’ file that @oweno shared was for the Basic Sampler patch.

Did you replace Nori Sampler’s ‘main.pd’ with the one Owen shared? If so, it is understandable that it did not work as ‘main.pd’ files are not the same and are patch-specific.

Please add the following four objects to Nori Sampler’s ‘main.pd’ file (or to any patches you want to monitor):

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Quick question: I went through all of the sampler-type patches and added the monitor input object (no problem there), and then decided to add it to every patch . . . obviously the signal strength/quality of the output is affected, but should i be worried about physically overloading the Organelle or accidentally blasting my speakers out?