Is the Organelle True Stereo?

I asked this over at ilovefuzz but obviously this is a better place!

Is the Organelle true stereo like a Ditto X4? Can I program it
to keep the Left Input/Output always separated from the Right
Input/Output? Will it proceess two loops separately if programmed that way?

Or is there no way to keep it from merging the left and right inputs?

I looked in the manual but I didn’t see where it speaks to how the organelle treats the stereo input to its left and right outputs.

I think my other questions are really a matter of acquiring an organelle and start learning how to program it. My enormous gratitude in advance!

Yes! the Organelle is true stereo. The left and right come into and go out of the device as separate signals. It is up to the patch how to use them. Many of the default patches are mono, although some of them are stereo, like the granular sampler patches (Nori Grains and Granular Freezer) but yeah, you could have two completely separate processes running on R and L.

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Perfect! Thanks for your quick response, I am ordering one to see if it will do what I imagine, thanks again!


Here’s a diagram of some possible ways to route a signal in an Organelle patch:

I just posted it here too:

This is great, thanks for this info