Enable input monitoring?

sorry @batinste , I was wrapping up the 3.0 release when you posted this, so it slipped by mind :slight_smile:

@oweno seems like a simple thing to add to mother.pd and have some control of…

I thing rather than a simple on/off , Id prefer audiothru to be a percentage… so you can determine the level you want to monitor at … 0 = off 100 =full input, and yeah put a line~ on it, so that it has a small fade, so you dont blast someones head off quickly :wink:
sure you can think its duplicate if a patch already has a monitor feature, but the patch (in a new version) could then either remove this option from its parameters, or interface directly to the mother.pd to control it. (this is actually useful, as for some patches, you might want quicker access directly in the patch)

Could this be in the overarching menu structure then? Maybe an Audio Settings sitting beside WIFI Settings and MIDI Settings?

It would be easy to make it controllable from the patch. Either set the passthrough at loadtime or set it from the parameters of the patch or from audio settings.

For minimum added latency it shouldn’t use throws~ or sends~ (i’ve just thought that the current mother/patch mechanism adds a block of latency, hum… I’ll see what i can do about this :stuck_out_tongue: )

thats kind of the idea of the setting menu… and where ive just added Pedal settings (3.1b3)

I think audio settings is possibly another one that could be added, not only could it have this passthru option, but potentially later could be used for other audio settings that are available thru the OS (e.g. amixer settings to do with gain, even potentially audio interface)
however, im a little cautious…

Organelle is built to allow patches to do anything they want, so theres always a bit of care needed not to ‘force them into a box’… also lots of settings makes a product look complex

an example… Midi Settings allows midi channel to be set, but it really difficult to explain to users (unsurprisingly) that this only affects the mother.pd behaviour, patches can also (and do) hard code midi channels.

its a tricky one though… as also many users want to do things which are technically possibly, but they don’t want to do using a ‘terminal window’, as they have no linux experience.
(id expect 3.x will see lots more users using Wifi, simply because its much easier to do now)

so balancing act… make it easy to use, not overly complex, flexible and let patches do whatever they want.

i know it will work as others do (e.g. midiInGate), so basically the osc message is converted to a send, then the receive sets the level… so the patch can just do a send if it wants to force a setting.

one area i can see where patches will want to turn off input monitor, is when they have a Mix Dry/Wet setting … e.g. on an fx, then input monitoring really doesn’t make much sense.

I guess this goes back to @lescour1 use-case, which is input monitoring for synth patches, but not fx patches…
(unfortunately we do not know when a patch is each, and some patches are both … like Wrps, this can be synth, fx or some weird hybrid )

Yeah all this stuff is too deep for my own perdonal use at the moment. Being new to PD and not yet with organelle in my hands it’s all over my head abit.

As stated my plan is to have organelle at the end of my chain with instruments going into it. Most of the time my goal is to manipulate the incoming audio via FX. However there will be instances I use organelle as a drum machine or synth for accompanying my vocal and / or OP1. In the latter instance I would require input monitoring on that patch to save unecessary cabling and mixer ins/outs.

These are just ideas at the moment of course. My plan may change when I start using one