Enable input monitoring?

Hi guys newbie question here.

I’m yet to buy an Organelle but desperately want one. I’m an OP1 user and in search of my perfect small form factor setup.

I’m currently thinkin of running my OP1 into some FX pedals, and then into Organelle for further mangling using the Red Panda patch amongst others.

However there may be instances I want to use the organelle as a synth or drum machine along with OP1. Rather than re patching everything on stage or buying a mixer with aux send/return is there a definitive way to enable unaffected input monitoring if the patch doesnt already have it? Basically a way to hear my clean OP1 via the Organelle input whilst simultaneously playing a synth patch?

I’ve seen other posts here, and im completely alien to PD so my learning starts here.

There must be some code to insert than connects the input to output, but is it patch specific or a generic line? And if so where do I put the code?

Any help appreciated and many thanks.


you can put a ‘generic line’ into the mother.pd patch… such that its there for all patches.

the only question, is how to turn this on and off easily, one each way would be to have a midi CC that did this… so you just send a CC N 0 = no pass thru, CC N 127 = fall pass thru.

( you don’t want it active at all times, though that’s possible, as with some patches you might want to hear the mixed output … and they often have a dedicated ‘mix’ control)

anyway, not difficult at all

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thank you so much for the reply. I really appreciate the clarification.

This has prompted me to purchase an organelle instead of a bunch of pedals!

With regards to turning it on/off thats no issue at all. I know exactly what patches I want to have input monitoring…theyre the patches where the organelle is an ‘instrument’ ie a synth or drum machine rather than sampler/ fx processor.

Can I ask if you could help me further with what line of code and where to place in the patches?

ah that’s even easier, since OS 3.0 , you can put a mother.pd in the patch directory, and it only applies to that patch , so you wont need a control element.

simplistically all you need to do is connect [adc] → [dac] , though you may want to be a little careful with gain levels, since if you put in the OP1 at full gain, and then play the synth you might clip., but that’s a bit ‘detail’

(probably better is to take the input and use throw~ outL/outR this way the combined output level will be shown on the Organelles LCD)

anyway, once you want to do it, post again, and we can work it thru… it’ll be easier once you see the mother.pd patch :slight_smile:

Seen you on Operator-1.com mate, good to see you! :grinning:

EDIT - Pd a bit daunting initially, but it’s rather straightforward. Here’s a great place to start, a great series introducing Pd:

Thanks so much mate. Puts my mind at rest. I’m going abroad with work for 4 months and want the simplest setup possible to just jam. Can’t really be bothered with a mixer, just want to take headphone out from Organelle and hear my OP1 if needed.

Yes Ghostly I’ve seen you around too, and you’re videos of OP1 and Organelle caught my attention. How are you finding the two? I’m rrally interested to find out what workflow you are finding best with the two machines.

i really just can recommend to start with PD and organelle. i own a OP1 as well, but since i started with PD and this blue fella i rarely use the OP1 except to record stuff to the OP1 4 track-recorder :smile:

thanks @ringhof , all this talk of OP-1 always makes me have a bit of GAS, always sounds like the OP-1 and Organelle are a great combo.

that said, the OP-Z is fairly imminent, so id really like to see what thats capable of, what it will bring to the Organelle table…
my guess, is after initial comparisons to the OP-1, its going to turn out to be very different ( so complementary rather replace OP-1) - so will be a case of what suits your ‘needs’ more.
(and then the whole visuals side is going to be interesting, perhaps inspirational for OTC :wink: )

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Understood mate. I plan on doing just that. But ultimately my aim is to use the organelle as an FX processor at the end of my instrument chain, not as a synth. So I will be plugging op1, vocals or guitar into it. Clean input monitoring is kind of essential for times I’m not using Organelle as an FX processor so I don’t have to keep patching and in patching gear.

Honestly the OP1 changed my musical life! Before I owned one I was obsessed with seperating everything down to each hi hat and kick in ableton, post processing etc. As a result I rarely made any music. Since the op1 Ive embraced the lofi side and experimentation. I’ve even bought an old cassette four track recorder to capture my ideas instead of using a computer. There’s something really inspiring about it and ‘loose’ rather than snapping to grid etc.

I’m actually in the process of selling my elektron (Digitakt + Octatrack) gear because I just want to go back to basics. Simple little setup with portable devices, couple of FX pedals. Do you think the organelle will fit into this philosophy?

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i agree with getting rid of PC while in a musical process.

but don’t underestimate the ability to chain things like synths and FXs as well as midi messages together in PD/Organelle :japanese_ogre::star2: its a beast

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@lescour1 going back to bypass/monitoring

the option I detailed, is of course not a ‘true bypass’ , since the signal is still coming into the organelle and out (so adc > dac) , this is cool most of the time, but as mentioned you have to be careful of gain, and also it’ll introduce a tiny bit of latency. (not that you’ll ‘feel’ it)

if your interested in ‘true bypass’ , this thread might interest you.

(its not easy, but perhaps something to consider in the future)

though honestly, I think , if i wanted to do this, Id add a small mixer as adds a bit more flexibility.
so you could use OP-1 into Organelle directly for a portable setup, and the mixer when you need a bit more control/options.

Simple setups.
yeah, I feel you … as a bit a geek, when i started on this journey into music, I bought things based on them giving me options, so now I have so many options both in hardware and software at times it can be ‘stifling’ , where to start? what to use?

honestly, i think the answer for me, is to be more disciplined/focussed… have the options, but choose in advance what to use, and don’t keep thinking ‘what if’ , (thats my plan at least)
so Im not really into getting rid of anything, just trying to learn to pick n choose better.

Organelle - hmm, well it definitely adds a lot of options, so can ‘replace’ quite a few things, and is great for experimentation. I think like many instruments that are really flexible they work best in setups with ‘less’ in them, since you can then focus on IT. if you have tons of gear, the danger is you just keep dipping in and out of it.
(that said, I keep coming back to it, so it does draw you in :slight_smile: )

Octatrack, Ive been eyeing up an OT.
honestly… if i were you, if you can , id try using it with the Organelle for a while then chose to sell or not.
the reason is… the Organelle does one thing at a time, so the recording/sampling into an OT will be fun, similarly it can sequence, but using the OT to sequence could also be fun… and then finally as above, having a mixer could be useful.
I think it would be useful , to see how you like it perhaps the OT+ Organelle might be more useful than the OP1+Organelle - depending upon what your up to , and how portable you want to be.
(I guess the digitakt could be used as a smaller alternative to the OT, but you know that choice better than i do )

of course, if you want to do backpack stuff, then yeah, OP1+Organelle is really a winning combo.

See my post about enabling input monitoring (you’ll have to modify mother.pd) : TB - UpdateOS 2.2 TB Beta - closed -> use official OS 3.0

Thanks mate. Sorry for ignorance as I’m a very new user but can i just confirm that following these instructions I can permanently enable audio monitoring on all patches, but there’s no way to turn on/off? Is that a correct assumption or am I missing the point?

I don’t have my organelle yet to play with these scripts so I’m just stabbing in the dark here!

Thanks for detailed reply mate.

Yes I do consider myself a fairly experienced Octatrack user, and it would kill me to sell. But to explain abit about my background…im in the military so do a fair bit of travelling away, as well as courses and then going back to my permanent residence at weekends. In my accommodation on camp I have my full setup / studio of sorts with OT and DT, Analog Heat etc. The problem with this is when I’m away way from the studio for away way few days I tend to not make any music. I take my OP1 with me and mess away way round abit with ideas, with the mindset of ‘that’s not finished, il work on it later when it back in the studio’. Inevitably ‘later’ never comes and I ultimately end up with a bunch of loops and half finished ideas. Also the problem exists that when I do fire up the Elektron gear I’m able to create quite complex beats and nice loops using vocal looping etc, but they always stay as half finished ideas. The gear is so deep and complex before you know it’s midnight and I leave it.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is the most productive I am is with small peices of gear i can patch in different combinations, composing on the move with gear I can fit in a backpack.

Throw family commitments in there too, as I get older I feel that its essential I have a setup where I can quickly get ideas down when I’ve got an hour or two spare whilst the wife is watching TV or whatever haha.

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Actually there’s a way to turn monitoring off : load another patch. It will reload mother.pd and thus monitoring defaults to off. As turning monitoring on is not very straightforward anyway, i didn’t bother to program the turn off.
As you can probably see in the run.sh, you just have to make a copy of it in another folder and modify theses lines:

# Activate audio passthru
oscsend localhost 4000 /audiothru i 1
oscsend localhost 4001 /oled/aux/line/2 s "audio passthru ON"

to :

# Deactivate audio passthru
oscsend localhost 4000 /audiothru i 0
oscsend localhost 4001 /oled/aux/line/2 s "audio passthru OFF"

OK mate. So if you were using organelle standalone away from computer you would make 2 x patches…one with audio enabled and one with it deactivated?

Sorry, i meant that to deactivate monitoring once it is enabled, for now you have to load another patch or reload the same patch, as this will also reload the mother patch and thus default monitoring to off.

If you want to deactivate monitoring without exiting the current patch, you’ll have to make a modified copy of the system script that enables monitoring.

In all honesty I would leave mother.pd alone and just add monitoring in on a patch by patch basis.

You could assign a controller (knob or aux or footswitch or external MIDI) or have a version with and a version without as you suggest.

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Haha I’m glad someone else is talking my language. Honestly I think some of these guys are too clever for thier own good :smile:

I’m happy just editing each patch and saving 2 versions. …one with monitoring on, on with monitoring off. I can always just mute OP1 if I don’t need it to be heard