Encoder Issues

Hello, I’m having an issue with the encoder on my organelle M. When trying to navigate the menus, I am finding that many selections show up very briefly and before I have time to select anything, the display goes back a few pages. I find this very hard to navigate through the menus. Is there a setting somewhere
That allows more time to make a selection? Is this normal behavior? I looked around to see if possibly there was an update that might fix this, but I don’t see where any updates are stored let alone how to access them. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Hi. I encountered the same problem once, but it was much better with contact revivifier.
Probably caused by dried out contacts on the encoder knob.
You can ask the manufacturer to repair it or try to use a contact revival agent as a first aid measure.

The current OS for Organelle and instructions for installing it can be found here:

OS 4.2 has improvements for reading the encoder.

As @DOOM_K mentioned, you can drop a few drops of contact cleaner into the encoder and it should fix any oxidation the encoder’s contacts. This is a good contact cleaner and comes in a small tube:

Thank you for the suggestion. Should I pull the cap off the encoder to do this?

Yes, here are instructions:

  1. Shut down the Organelle and remove power/batteries.
  2. Have a paper towel ready to wipe up any excess contact cleaner.
  3. Gently pull the encoder’s knob straight up to remove the knob.
  4. Place 2-3 drops of contact cleaner like Deoxit into the grove of the encoder shaft. This grove is shown in the photo below with the pink arrow.
  5. Once applied, rotate the knob 10-15 times in both directions and allow to sit for a few minutes. Then rotate 10-15 times in both directions again.
  6. Wipe up any excess contact cleaner from the encoder shaft and/or Organelle enclosure.

Thank you, will do!