Selection knob problem~

I think the selection knob cannot select items properly.
Here is the video link~

Hope someone could solve this problem :rofl:

Mine is doing something similar, but not as pronounced. Are you running OS 4.2, which apparently has an improved (but not perfected) algorithm?

@herbie26 I just sent a DM.

Hey Chris, what’s the fix for this? I’m having the same problem on my Organelle M.

@villageofsnails I just sent a DM.

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Mine isn’t quite doing that, but it’s not as responsive as I feel it should be. Multiple presses for selection, etc. It definitely feels “off”.

Hi @Heath , please email our support: About and Contact

Same issue with mine. Brand new Organelle M. Is this a bad encoder or firmware issue?

I remember I’ve had the same encoder response issue with my first Organelle S, in some positions even a slight touch was triggering an increment, needless to say it was really frustrating to use, very unreliable.

Thankfully I’ve got a replacement unit from the dealer in EU shortly after which works perfectly.

So I’m guessing it’s a bad encoder issue.

I think this is a firmware issue (for me, at least). Turning the encoder at a constant rate seems to be no problem - it is only when I turn it not so smoothly that I encounter some issues. In light of another person’s recent post regarding a 4 month turnaround time with no apparent improvement, I think I’m going to just try to turn it smoothly until the firmware is hopefully further improved.

I’m having these issues too with my new Organelle (not as bad as the OP though). No fix yet?

I’m having the same issue, not as bad as OP too, and I got my organelle S like 2-3 months ago.

@rcab please email our support: About and Contact

Same here, @chrisk I’m in the EU, should I contact you or the retailer that I bough it from?

update: Received a replacement unit from my retailer and it doesn’t have the problem.