Hi there! just learning python and eyesy programming all at once and I have questions about etc.audio_in

The manual says it’s a listy of the last 100 volume levels that came into the device but please could you tell me…

  • How frequently does it check and update the list?

  • Is position 0 or position 99 the most recent?

finally, could anyone gimme a quick and efficient way to check if any of the vales in the list exceed a threashold? I could do it with a for loop that runs through each value in turn but I think it’d slow the machine down :S

There is a little more info about the sampling rate and 100 point array here:

Basically it is updated 36.75 times a second in the background. Position 99 would be the most recent.

To check for threshold you could do a for loop, it might not slow down too much. But there is also the etc.audio_trig flag that gets set when audio exceeds a threshold, might be useful. The threshold is hard coded at around 80% full volume.

Thanks! That’s perfect!! :smiley: