ETC Commands and Midi


I just got my ETC and I wanted to incorporate it into my live set.
I play guitar and I want to somehow have the ETC change modes, colors, and other parameters by itself without me having to press/do anything to allow me the freedom to focus on playing guitar.
I have read about midi and cc commands for the ETC and was wondering how a newbie like me could implement this into my live performance and if this would solve my problem?
Do I have to purchase a midi device or can I use my computer to send commands?
Also when I play into the ETC with guitar, I feel that there is too much going on, visually.
Even when I play calmly, and sparsely, I feel that the ETC is too sensitive especially with the scene modes (and to a lesser degree, the trigger modes)
Is there any way I can dial down the amount of change and activeness of the graphics (maybe lower the gain?).


Hello ,

regarding MIDI control: You can use your computer together with a midi interface. You need a midi sequencer program for it (there are zillions out there).

I use a small hardware sequencer, which sends note events as triggers, and sometimes it sends CC-controls to sweep the knobs rythmically, which is very nice.

Regarding the sensitivity of the ETC:
yes I find the ETC to sensitive too especially for line signals. I first used an Aux send of my mixer, turned down quite low. But I did not want to waste an Aux only for the ETC, so I soldered a simple attentuator cable, which reduces the audio signal at a ratio of 5:1. If you need details for that let me know. But any skilled technician should be able to create it.

You also could edit the various modes.

It is in the file of each mode. There is a line like this (example from “S - Center Diamond”):
auDio = etc.audio_in[i] / 35
The “auDio” is the value that will be used for the display
"etc.audio_in[i]" is the original signal level. As you can see, the value used for the display is the original signal level divided by 35. If you want the action of the audio on the display have a lesser amount, then you have to divide by a larger number…:
auDio = etc.audio_in[i] / 100
… this will will cause the display action three times less.

Another example from S - Circle Scope Connected. Here the line is:
R = R + (etc.audio_in[i] / 100)
If you want the half of the amount, then replace the “100” by “200”.

You see: it is always the place where “etc.audio_in[]” is used.