Triggering ETC through MIDI notes - how?

Hi there!

Is there anyway to trigger the ETC not with audio, but with midi notes? If there is way, help please! I’ve tried in a lot of different ways - no success.

Thank you very much!


Yes, this is possible!

All of the ‘trigger’ modes are configured to respond to incoming MIDI notes. With the On-Screen Display (or ‘OSD’) turned on as in the image below, you can tell you’re in a ‘trigger’ mode because the mode name will start with a ‘T’ like this: T - Line Rotate.

With the OSD turned on, you will also be able to see incoming MIDI notes lighting up their respective note number boxes in the grid next to the ‘MIDI Notes’ line.

Please make sure you are sending MIDI on the appropriate channel. In the bottom right corner of the image above, the ETC is set to receive on Channel 3. Changing this global setting is easy - for more information please see the manual section titled: Changing the Global MIDI Channel