ETC in improvised performance

I recently used the ETC in a live performance setting, to great effect! Here are excerpts from October 19, 2017 performance at Barking Legs Theatre in Chattanooga, Tennessee, featuring improvised percussion by Sean Hamilton and John Klimchak, improvised dance by BLT performers (including Ann Law), and improvised visuals by me. Gear for visuals: Blackmagic ATEM, Critter & Guitari ETC, ProPresenter, GH4 for live camera, et cetera. (I used my Decimator MD-HX to connect the ETC to my ATEM video switcher.)

ETC performance

I found the ETC to be easy to use and yet a flexible creative tool. Iā€™m looking forward to updating it with new patches and firmware for even more capabilities.

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Very nice stuff! The mix of video with the ETC is very interesting.

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