Advice from ETC geniuses

Hi Guys,

I am thinking about buying a ETC for my live show.

I have watched all the demo videos (including one in Japanese -that was fun) and read the manual.

But before pulling the trigger and ordering one I was hoping you guys could answer some questions for me:

If I turn down the signal coming into the ETC will it calm the visuals down?

Is there a way of controlling the speed of the visuals? can you make the visuals react differently to the same source input?

thanks in advance!


Not an owner … but I’ve read most of what is out there concerning the ETC.

The visualizations are based on either a oscilloscope type function or a trigger type function. The scope modes will continuously display a visual representation of whatever audio you feed it. If you feed it your whole mix, it will be very active/busy. If you feed it a solid square wave, it won’t move at all. Maybe try feeding it just the hi hat or bass? The trigger modes are designed to “animate” (for lack of a better word) when your audio crosses a certain threshold. Once again … if you feed it your whole mix, it will be very busy looking. Feed it a simple or sparsely active signal and it will calm down.

Like you, I’m not interested in rapidly flashing visuals. I plan to code my own based on sprites … but my questions to C&G have gone unanswered.

Anyone out there coding with sprites/spritesheets?

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My experience so far has been “less is more” as far as what/how much signal you are feeding the ETC. I found, for instance, that feeding a kick or HH (something very steady) was less interesting than feeding a rhythm guitar track, which was more sparse/varied yet still rhythmically with the track. So, for example, in a drum machine pattern, maybe sending a tom or clave track by itself yields a more interesting effect. I’ve also found that the ETC really shines as a performance instrument. Of course you can just select a mode and let it run, but the dynamic manipulation of the parameters in real time is where the magic’s at.

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No genius here, just a new owner. There’s an input gain which is really handy for fine tuning the amount of signal coming in. Not sure if any videos are out there showing this, but the first mode which comes on the first time you power it up is an audio input test mode and you can see a waveform on the screen. The word “TRIGGER” is displayed whenever the audio reaches a certain threshold, and so you can really see how your audio will trigger the modes. Now this audio test page mode is what is really “genius”! :wink: It seems to me the audio trim control on the ETC is really for fine control, and so I plan to have a means to really cut or boost the signal coming in. An aux send on a mixer would be ideal for this purpose.

Just got mine, so still need to test it out, but the ETC responds to MIDI clock, so you should be able to synch the visual speed to that. Will report back when I find out.