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Particle Systems
How are folks creating particle systems with ETC?
I am browsing some code getting familiar and i came across and interesting library /PyIgnition

I want to translate some mouse clicks into triggers to get some fun particles but i’d like to hear what others wo have been doing this are using if possible. I literally got my ETC last month and did not even get to crack it open until Tuesday.
i am getting some annoying issues with print statements which i am sure is my ignorance to proper syntax at this point.

Markov Chains

There is already a text scene so i immediately thought of some random burroughs/gysin cutup texts

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That looks really nice.

How do you want to use a mouse with ETC? do you run the software on a computer instead of the original Hardware?

Also I think this stuff may be too demanding for the ETCs hardware. I already found, that some modes, which work nicely on the testenvironment on a laptop become slow or stuttering on the ETC.