ETC on Raspberry PI


Hi, is it possible to port/run ETC on an Raspberry PI?



yes, this would be a similar process to what i did with ETC for Organelle (aka OTC)

basically, you need to just install the relevant python packages via pip - its nor hard to do, I’ve (and a few others) have done it.
(the main thing is to get pygame working, which might even be preinstalled on some distros)

the main thing ‘missing’ is a UI, as you don’t have the hardware controls of the ETC, so your going to have to add some physical controls via gpio, or use a midi controller, or i guess a keyboard - this will then some minor changes to the ETC code to support… but again, if your familiar with python not particularly hard to do

(sorry, i don’t have time to write it up, and besides the customisation for the UI is a bit different for everyone)

its quite a fun ‘diy’ project to do…
its never going to be quite the same as an ETC, unless you build a proper case and controls, as the ETC has a dedicated user interface.

i think second best (biased opinion :wink: ) is to get an Organelle, and run OTC… good interface (if not quite as nice as ETC), and yet you also have the Organelle to do other fun things!


Thank you very much for the detailed answer.
I’ll give it a try, and maybe i’ll come back with some stupid questions :slight_smile:

The “problem” with the organelle i’ve one, but i cannot decide if I use it for Audio or Graphics :grin:



buy another :slight_smile:


Hey @Korb I’m interested in this project, let us know about your progress :slight_smile:


i’ll let you know. my linux foo is not the best and python skills more or less not available. But i like challenges :slight_smile:



Hey i’m trynna build an etc with my own wire and potentiometers with raspberry pi. so is the etc code readily available, not just the modes?