ETC Video Capture Help

So I need some help…

I’m trying to run audio from my 2015 iMac, through the ETC, and then somehow be able to see the video being created by the ETC, so that I can see what I’m doing, and also somehow capture the video. I thought I could run the video into the iMac, but Apple said that my computer/newer iMacs don’t accept video-in.

So, I’m not sure what do to…if anyone can help me I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m looking for the easiest/cheapest option.

So the Intensity Shuttle will allow me to run audio from my computer, through the ETC, then back to the computer where I will be able to view it as well as capture it live?

You wouldn’t use the Intensity Shuttle to send audio out to the ETC.

We’ve never used a computer for both sound generation and video capture but I think it will work. You will need an audio splitter/mixer to send audio to the ETC and also to the capture card. (ETC does not have audio out)

One thing to be conscious of is the possibility of an audio loop when you connect:
computer audio out --> ETC --> capture card --> capture program --> computer audio out*
*The capture program may send audio back through computer audio out. You may hear a ‘doubling’ of the audio or similar effect.

Right I understand that the ETC does not have audio out.

Thank you. Ok I’ve ordered a Shuttle…hopefully this will work.

Took a bit of time, but I got it all working. Thanks for your help!

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Wish I would have seen this post. Glad you got it working! I use a BM shuttle to record my ETC & LZX Vidiot with sound running from a midi keyboard and MacBook Pro.