Recording visuals?

Hi! I was wondering if there’d be a way to record a scene in some sort of lossless way? I tried record the projection on the wall with a digital camera but it was not good… The color was off and the lines (white) are all blinded in which makes it hard to do color correction.

I’m sorry if there’s answer written on the manual but I just couldn’t find anything. Also I’m new to this, maybe just didn’t understand.


Have you look at the manual and say Hi to it?
You have a Scene Save Button and a folder called Grabs, each time you press it a *.jpg is generated to this folder :wink:

You can use a ‘capture card’ to record video on your computer. We use both the Elgato Game Capture: Recording video output to computer


Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle: ETC Capture Cards / Frame rates The Intensity Shuttle gives you more options as you can use the ETC feed ‘live’ in other programs like QuickTime, resolume, etc. if you’re into that.

Yeah, I know that. But I was hoping to record the moving image not screenshots. Also I suppose the scene save button just for retreating later? I wanted to save the scene but have an actual video like .mov or .mp4 that I can edit. Sorry if it was confusing haha.

Oh whoa! Thanks for the info, Chrisk. I’ll look into that!

Np, screenshot is one thing…
I got a second hand Elgato Game Capture and works nicely as you say: to record moving image :wink:

Thank you!

chrisk, can the Elegato also record an audio line in separate from the HDMI in? I’d love to capture the ETC video as well as the music it is accompanying.

You can use a Blackmagic Shuttle to capture video and audio. That is what I use for my ETC & LZX Vidiot.

Yes, I think all of the Elgato models have a separate audio line input.